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About the company
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About the company


Creating structured and visible system models that will be the studied by the next generation of businesses that wish to also be successful.

Our Mission Statement

Building well represented structures that rake in consistent profits also merging technology, creativity and innovation to serve brands, completely.

Welcome to GR5 Concept

We are a leading administrative management and public relations consulting practice serving clients across Africa, USA, and United Kingdom. We work in all major sectors of the economy and levels of government engaging highly trained and sector-experienced consultants. GR5 Concept is a wholly owned Nigerian firm with offices in Lagos Nigeria. We offer an array of business and management consulting services to government and corporate organizations.

Our focus is on creating and managing change in organizations by formulating and implementing administrative structure and public relations focused strategies. Over the years, we have been engaged on a wide range of assignments principally to help clients realize projects, to improve efficiency and to build human capacity. We draw our competitive strength from collaborations with global partnership firms in Europe, North America and Africa. Our delivery skills reflect our highly competitive recruitment of bright, vibrant and experienced consultants whose competence we continuously enhance through intensive training in the use of our proprietary management tools and techniques

Why GR5 Concept?


There are a million reasons, but we can give you 2!

Clients benefit from our consultants

Clients benefit from our consultants’ varied skills through cross-functional approach to assignment execution whilst empowered with the knowledge and skills to continuously improve, long after we are gone.

We believe in Africa

We believe in Africa and its future and dedicate ourselves to achieving the African dream by actively seeking out alliances, partnerships and friendships throughout the continent.

Gr5 Concept