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There’s so much to learn from a child. Such beauty and love nature bestows on us with these little innocent souls. Even the Christian Holy book admonishes that grown and formed adults who seem to have it all figured out should rather be converted and become as one of the little children.

Ever taken time to observe the life of a little child? You would

Lessons from A Child-

Lessons from A Child-

agree that among other things a child can teach an adult:

1} to be happy for no reason
2} to Always be busy with something
3} to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires

Let’s emphasize the third point. DEMAND WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT, WHAT YOU DESIRE.

A child is always persistently asking and demanding for whatever he/she desires. Never taking no for an answer.

It’s the eight month of the year. It may seem like time is running out and you probably have more reasons to give up than to keep fighting. Well, I’m glad to announce to you that you’re wrong, it’s a new day today loaded with opportunities to make things right.

Do you desire to be

, whatever you desire to become or achieve as an individual or business, there’s still time. All you need do is RE-STRATEGIZE. Examine your methodology, Do more of those things that have proven productive and refrain from whatever slows you down or impedes your movement. Do everything and anything needful to increase your speed as you approach your desired destination.

Learn from that little child near you and see how he/she is lost for ours working at his little toy trying to build a castle. Such persistence. Don’t you ever give up on your heart desires.

Whatever you do, always demand whatever you desire with all your might.



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