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“You will be the same person in five years except for the people you meet and the books you read” Charlie Jones. The above statement is a good description of what living above average is all about. An average life can be termed to be casual, common, regular and usual. It is the mediocrity level. To be average is to be beneath, that is, to be in between or to be the tail. And average life is the type that complains about why things are not working. While the above average life looks beyond what is not happening to make things happen. One major criterion a man will require to excel is the ability to take position in life and stand out. God wants us to be an outstanding in all we do. An average individual cannot lead. Great leadership cannot be built on average mindset. An average person is in a limbo. Life has nothing to offer you except what you can offer yourself. Slothfulness equals wastages. Once you are on your own, God is on His own. Life will never give you more than you demand of it.


To be above average means: special, uncommon, not to be complacent, extraordinary, to embrace distinction, to aim at excellence, to stay committed to your belief and be exceptional. You can’t affect people’s life if you are indifferent. Once a person begins to think wrongly everything goes wrong. The above average personality gains recognition in all he does. He just can’t leave things the way the were! The above average man is simply a person who improves himself or herself on a regular basis by reading and interacting with people and things that brings changes. He is addicted to changes.

What are the requirements for living above average?




  1. PURPOSE: Without a sense of purpose life is meaningless. The question is – what are you living for? To live an average life is quite simple. Live for nothing! I once read the story of a woman that lived and died in a small village. Her name was Nancy, she lived all her life in the village, never offended anyone and was not offended by anyone, never held any position in the society, did not socialize or relate with anyone. Never did any significant thing and so it was quite difficult to write any meaningful memoir on her tombstone, just this few words – “Nancy Jones lived and died, never hurt anyone, never loved anyone. That is the story of Nancy Jones.” I pray your story would not read like that.


Purpose is all about having a focus and a sense of direction in life. It also depicts a clear picture, a clear objective, definite aim and legacies, commitment and determination. Purpose makes you to know what to think. Until there is a clear picture of your destination, there is no standard. A man that with no picture of where he is going will most probably end up nowhere. Even if by mistake he gets to his destination he would most likely pass it by because he would not recognize it. Purpose drives a life to greatness. To discover your purpose and live above average you need to ask yourself some very important questions. It takes the right questions to motivate you to the next level of your life. Question everything you see around you, question existence itself.


Until you discover your identity life is in vacuum. The problem is not your circumstances but you. Don’t run around for things, when you discover the real you in you things will run after you. People that after things will compromise on the standard of their life. You cannot live above average until your mind is renewed. It is the renewal of your mind that brings transformation. If your mindset is wrong then your life will be wrong.


Until thought is linked to purpose there is no intelligent achievement. Those who have no central purpose in their life fall prey to petty shortcomings of life. A man should conceive of a legitimate purpose in his heart, and set out to accomplish it. You don’t know you can cope until you discover purpose. Purpose drives you to work. For you to live above average, you need to put away aimlessness, complacency and weakness, and begin to think with purpose.


When a man has discovered his purpose, he should mark out a straight pathway to its achievement, looking neither to the right nor to the left. They above average man must conquer fear and doubt. Purpose, energy, and power to accomplish things will cease when doubt and fear creeps into the heart.


Purpose is the before of every life. Everything in life was created for a purpose. The manufacturer had something in mind when creating a particular product or services; this picture will determine the functions, the user as well as the marketing strategy. Purpose gives meaning to a product. Consider your life as a product that has been manufactured to meet certain needs. Would you appreciate a substandard personality or an excellent one?  If you can see the importance of your existence then you would resist any form of average personality that could be associated to you.


It is only when you press into a high standard that you have results. Life gives you what you offer yourself. Those who wait for things to happen don’t make any mark in life. The world recognizes those who live exemplary lives. Aim to be unique in life. Work hard to be outstanding and you will command attention. Your purpose makes you a brand. Everybody’s life is a brand because everyone is distinct. It is your decision that makes you a brand. To live above average or live an average life is simply a choice you make daily as you tackle the tasks ahead of you. Do things differently from others around you in that office, that business, that school, that family. Be known for reliability, honesty, quality, compassion and hard work. The world is actually looking for those that will not choose to blend in but stand out among crowds.

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