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Gr5 concept


One of the principal keys to living above average is the ability not only to know why you are existing on this planet or the discovery of your assignment but the ability to create a detailed plan on how to get there. Your purpose is a destination made up of other little purposes. However, you must understand that your lifespan on earth is limited; therefore you must plan so that you will maximize the moments in order to get to your purpose.  Your purpose is not average; therefore people with average mindsets cannot get there. Your purpose is a masterpiece, which is accessible only to those who deserve to get it. Such people are the above average people, people who will settle for nothing but the best.

Let’s examine what planning is all about.




Plan as though you will live for forever (because you will). Live as though you will die tomorrow (because you will die on some tomorrow).


Your level of influence today is based on your past plan. Your influence tomorrow is based on your plans today. If you do not planned today you are doomed tomorrow. Planning is a function of what you can see or a glimpse of the future. It is the larger picture that brings the picture within the picture. One cannot go forward in life regardless of the enormity of resources in your hand without planning.


Planning means capture information, reorganize, reapply, engage, access, re-establish and process information. Planning deals with facts and figures, ideas and numbers. Success is a programmed event. A research was conducted on lottery winners, and it was discovered that majority of then end up being flat broke within a year. If you stumble at wealth you will most definitely stumble out of but for one thing, a good plan.


Planning is the ability to process information to a productive end through your mind. Most information comes raw, void, without a shape. It is planning that gives shape. That information could be a dream, a vision, an idea but it will die as one until you employ the help of planning to give it shape. Life is all about processes. It is easy to see this in nature; the interconnectivity of nature is stupendous. From the great to the small, none can exist in isolation. Take for example, man breathes in oxygen and breathes out carbon dioxide with is what plants needs. The plants on the other hand take our carbon dioxide and releases oxygen which gives us life. This is a product of a higher mind with the ability to plan to the minutest details. Be one too.


A plan is a little sketch upon which a dream is built. It is an arrangement for doing a thing. It is a detailed diagram of a dream. It is not enough to dream of a successful life, you need to put it to work. Planning is the action plan of your dream. When you think of building a great financial empire, what are the things you need to do to get to that financial haven. Do you need to work hard, cultivate the habit of saving, and careful spending etc? These are the things you need to sit down to plan for. There is no lasting success, wealth and riches without a well-structured plan. Planning is a major prerequisite to building wealth.  Every great man planned his way to success. There is a financial Eldorado (Spanish city of great riches) but without planning you cannot get there.


Start planning for your tomorrow now. During the course of your planning, you need to differentiate the long-term goals from the short-term goals. Then segment your plans into hourly, daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals. Plan on papers; don’t just plan in your mind. Let your plans be written in black and white. Until you write it, no one will see it, until you make it plain and readable (a detailed plan, blueprint) nobody will run with it, including you. I don’t want to waste my life on what is not clear to me nor do you want to do it. Some people already have a five-year fifteen-year plan ready while you still sleeping. A man once said that a short pencil is better than a long memory. Write down your plans for that business, marriage, home, school, journey, seminar, month, year, finance, body, child, daily and constant improvement etc.


Set goals for your self and plan towards its achievement. A goal is a dream with a deadline. When your goals have deadlines then you can evaluate your success. Don’t deal with abstract or vague goals but see able and tangible ones. Planning gives you the ability to identify the things that will complement your targets in life. It will be easy to identify the people that fit into that dream of your. It also makes it easy for people to identify the roles they can play in your life. Your success is tied to the plans you make.

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